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Posted By Dangem on/at 4:28 PM

(visit nyo na lang for full details):

Once again another site shows up with the "Zeus/Xeon" script. And no, we are not adding it to our scam list due to their script. Here are the combined reasons why this brand new site is on our scam list:

1. Owned by a Scammer ? - Did some searching and it seems to be the same owner of SnBux. A site that is showing suspended and is also on our scam list for non payments and leaving members scammed.

Some of you might remember when ClicksX got hacked and it was revealed that SnBux and ClicksX owned other scam sites. Refer to our SnBux review for more info:

What I find to be quite interesting is how when you do a whois search of 37bux comes up using the same mail server as snbux. Is this just coincidence? I doubt it.

2. Claims No Relation To Another Site - Yeah, we have heard this story before... everyone says they are not related to any other site.

This owner says they do not have any relation to any other site that is using this script. Which I doubt that this is actually their first time running a ptc site. Whether or not it is they have ran the same script, which I am sure they have.

Also the site launches and does not have a pre-launch phase? Sounds like someone is in a hurry makes some money. Most sites have a prelaunch phase to test the script and to find bugs and problems. 

3. Fake Whois Info - Phone numbers that were provided during the site registration are fake. 

" +372.88888888
Fax: +1.5555555555 "

4. Paypal - You try to send money to 37bux and it says:

"We're sorry. We're not able to complete personal payments to account holders in India at this time."

Ok...whois says Estonia. I am guessing they are using their coder to register their domain, but this is exactly the same problem we had with SnBux. The registrant for SnBux was from the USA, however paypal said they were from India. 

5. Bribes & BlackMail ? - I just received several emails stating 37bux has just released a statement and have evidence that we are blackmailing them. Interesting. Open the link and I see images of a gmail conversations going back and forth from a PTC Investigations. Of course we don't email scammers. Never have and never will. What I find to be quite funny and interesting is how they said I made a confirmation page to confirm my identity. The link that they said I provided them with was this:

"" ???

Microsoft Office Live sites do not end in html. Only way to end in html it would have to have "/documents" in the url. You don't see "documents" anywhere in that url. So they just faked a web page. If no one believes me you can open your own office live site for free and try to make a web page and see if you can make one that ends with html without the /document folder:

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